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Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Welcome to the Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase podcast where you get to hear from flight attendants and pilots and wacky stories from traveling around the world.  Check out my main website for more information about my books, audio books and so much more.

Dec 7, 2013

Episode 100

This is a 100th show extravaganza.  We have some highlights from the past 100 shows mashed up with all new stories making it an extra long show.  I tell you all about my recent trip to Greece.  I sit down with a wonderful guy named Mikey who owns the fantastic resturant called Taverna Paramithi in Meteora where he told me about some of the memerable people who have wandered in to his establishment.  We hear about monasteries perched on gaint rocks and my encounters with a couple cute guys.  Not to mention some of the funniest stories from the airplane over the past 100 shows.


The music for this show was all recorded in Greece.  There were two young street performers in Athens and music from resurants and bus rides all over Greece giving you the sounds of Greece as it were.

If your interested... I posted photos from my trip on instagram Bettyinthesky.