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Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Welcome to the Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase podcast where you get to hear from flight attendants and pilots and wacky stories from traveling around the world.  Check out my main website for more information about my books, audio books and so much more.

Oct 21, 2008

Episode 49

I've been getting some emails asking why it's taken me so long to post a new podcast....well it's because I was busy wandering around Egypt. 

This show has some tales from Egypt along with some really funny airline stories from fellow Flight Attendants and Pilots.

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Music by  Back from Egypt by Jerky Medicine and Egyptian Theme by .Elegy.

fifteen and a half years ago

*loved* this episode. I also spent some time wandering Egypt and heartily agree with the comment about selling the air. I loved the country but the hassle was a bit much at times.

Baksheesh!! :)

fifteen and a half years ago

If you were surprised by the \"freedom\" comment in Egypt, you should talk to some young Saudi Arabians.
Truly eye-opening.

fifteen and a half years ago

D you are right on the money, I have only been to the \"light\" muslim countries I can\'t even imagine what it must be like in the strict ones!