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Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Welcome to the Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase podcast where you get to hear from flight attendants and pilots and wacky stories from traveling around the world.  Check out my main website for more information about my books, audio books and so much more.

Mar 25, 2009

Episode 53

Nobody likes a poser!  This show is all about posing.  We hear about posers and placedroppers.  And there is a few stories of Flight Crew "posing" as passengers as they commute to and from work.

And at the end of the episode I tell a story about the silly yoga pose I try to get people to try when I'm traveling?!


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Music by "yogababe" by Diva Eve & the Forbidden Fruit

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over fifteen years ago

Great Podcast Betty. I look forward to every episode. Your great.

over fifteen years ago

Love your pods, Betty :-) Can\'t wait for the next instalment. Travelling through the States and Europe in July; going back through all my Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase podcasts on my iPod for your travel tips.(Joe from Sydney, AUST)

over fifteen years ago

i tried the yoga move..... i didn\'t succeed my roommate now has a picture of me lying on the floor with arms between my legs laughing!!! thank you for those laughs!! :-)

over fifteen years ago

Thanks for this and your other podcasts. They are so well done: funny and yet informative. Most of all they are refreshing.

For your efforts, you make my life and that of your other listeners a little richer. Thanks for that.


over fifteen years ago

Love the show! I\'ve been listening for a long time. Very funny.

over fifteen years ago

The podcast was great! Check out to see the bird of paradise in action.

over fifteen years ago

I love your show! Already looking forward to the next one! My top favourite podcast. Thank you so much for lots of laugh, Brigitte from Munich