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Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Welcome to the Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase podcast where you get to hear from flight attendants and pilots and wacky stories from traveling around the world.  Check out my main website for more information about my books, audio books and so much more.

Mar 10, 2007

Episode 30

Like every work environment there are power struggles in the airline industry.  You have stand offs between the Flight Attendants and passengers, the Captains and First Officers and Flight Attendants with each other.  Now on paper that probably doesn't sound funny...but it really is.

At the end of the episode...

Betty on NPR!

Mar 10, 2007

Guess who was on the Diane Rehm show last week?  I was on National Public exciting!

The topic was "Femininity in Flight"  a new book by Kathleen Barry.  I was on for the full second hour of the show.  Below is a link if anyone wants to listen ...

The subject...