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Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Welcome to the Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase podcast where you get to hear from flight attendants and pilots and wacky stories from traveling around the world.  Check out my main website for more information about my books, audio books and so much more.

Dec 7, 2007

Episode 39

For some strange reason people associate air travel with peanuts...people want their peanuts on the airplane.

So this show has some funny stories about peanuts along with a bunch of nuts (crazy nutty people)!

At the end of the episode I tell my own story of how I was seen as the crazy nut on Easter Island!

Nov 3, 2007

Episode 38

I would like to welcome you aboard episode 38 which is full of outrageous stories in the timeline of a typical flight. 

We've got a sexy safety demonstration,  puke in the first class desserts and tp in the pantyhose! 

So sit back relax...and enjoy the wild ride!

Music by  "Flight 1263"  by...

Oct 8, 2007

Episode 37

It's sort of an understatement to say that Airline Life is Wild as you'll see in this wild episode of Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

We have wild life stories starring leopards, gorillas, turtles and snakes.  Along with just "plane" wild stories



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Sep 5, 2007

Episode 36

This episode could be called Blondes Take Flight... but being a blonde I wanted a non hair color specific term to describe a moment where your alittle slow on the uptake.

So this show features some outrageous stories involving lost uniform skirts, burnt shoes and choking on an airline pillow?

But don't you...

Aug 2, 2007

Episode 35

Ladies and Gentlemen we would like to welcome you aboard Celebrity Express!  Hold on to your armrests as we navigate through some turbulent and funny star stories.

At the end of the episode I'll tell you about the most impressive passenger I have ever met on the airplane.


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