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Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Welcome to the Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase podcast where you get to hear from flight attendants and pilots and wacky stories from traveling around the world.  Check out my main website for more information about my books, audio books and so much more.

Dec 7, 2007

Episode 39

For some strange reason people associate air travel with peanuts...people want their peanuts on the airplane.

So this show has some funny stories about peanuts along with a bunch of nuts (crazy nutty people)!

At the end of the episode I tell my own story of how I was seen as the crazy nut on Easter Island!

Music by a great Rapa Nui Band called Matato'a.  You can get more information about them at


almost thirteen years ago

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thirteen and a half years ago

The pic is amazing! I love the outfit, and it\'s totally obvious that it would be the highlight of people\'s day! I\'m catching up on the podcast and I\'m totally hooked. Thanks for making such a great show.

Irfon Bacchus
fourteen and a half years ago

Betty, Your show is AWESOME! I really enjoy listening to you shows as they give me a glimpse of the fun airline crews have on the job! Your show has really strengthed my dreams of one day working onboard an aircraft! Your airline is amazing, and with the new livery, interiors and great attitudes, the airline is destined to surpass all the other US majors! With people like you, flying can be fun again! I hope I one day get you to meet you, rather it be flying to LA or Atlanta, just to thank you for the wonderful shows! Thanks alot Betty!

fourteen and a half years ago

Love all the podcasts but this one was great. I looked like a crazy person, walking down the street and laughing out loud. Also a FF hoping to run into you one day, but I think you gave away Your Airline Which Shall Not Be Named in this podcast? Keep up the great work!

Flyin Phil
fourteen and a half years ago

I\\\'ve loved your podcasts from the start. Thanks for the pic too, and yes, I do still have a crush on you (at age 59!)
You should do a show on bidding and results and reserve and some if the \\\"insides\\\" of the biz. I too get asked about my \\\"route\\\".
Please don\\\'t ever stop. We need you.

Steven Pam
almost fifteen years ago


I know you know.... but I justed wanted to make SURE you know how much I appreciate your podcast. It brings a smile to my dial every time.

The old F/A uniforms thing is a terrific idea! Can\\\'t wait to see the rest of them. And like everyone else here, fingers crossed that I\\\'ll get to fly with you one day - unlikely as that is here in Australia :-)

fourteen and a half years ago

Hope you like your concorde toy the flight attendant on \"Your Airline\" was happy to give it to your supervisor in the lounge before they went to salt lake .I was Soooooooooo happy that you got it


Max :-)

fourteen and a half years ago

wow!!! that was my favourite show so far!!!!! I wish we had people like you at ryanair!

Randal L. Schwartz
almost fifteen years ago

Thanks for the picture. Like Chris, I too have been asking for you every time I fly the The Airline That Shall Not Be Named, for which I\'ve now made the second-tier frequent-flyer program for the 12th year in a row, and am nearly at the Million Miler mark.

almost fifteen years ago

Even if I don\'t comment every episode - I love each one of them :-) It\'s allways great listening to your shows, and this one was amazingly funny :-D Greetings from Austria, Holger.

almost fifteen years ago

Now, there is a lady who understands what life is really all about! Life is about living it fully, not worrying about what others may think. Usually, such worry is proven incorrect, anyway.

It reminds me of a book I read by Terry Cole-Whitaker, called \"What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business\". Keep up the good work of living this gift of life!

With peace, from Japan

almost fifteen years ago

haha!!! I love that picture!!! I would be waaayyyy to embarassed to do anything like that!!!

Mad British Guy
almost fifteen years ago

Hi Betty, glad your picture on Rapa Nui came out. Was good to meet you there! I shall always think of you sat by the pool staring at the stars at night! If you fancy a late night skinny dip let me know!

Chris (Amateur Traveler podcast)
almost fifteen years ago

I love the picture. Every time I fly on that unnamed airline I look for you, but I have certainly never seen that person. :-)